Our Vision


Our vision at PLTP is to produce products cost effectively and of such high quality that we become the partner of choice for food brand owners in Australia. We want to ensure that we not only continue, but also expand, our role in supporting our local community with many more employment options.


Our Mission


To ensure the success of our vision, PLTP are committed to embracing challenge and pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. The continued understanding of our customers needs remain a focus and we are not afraid to explore new markets. The value we place on our customers extends to our team of employees as they are the ones we rely upon to assist in reaching our goals and producing "products of the highest quality".



Our Values


PLTP strives to be innovative, responsive, commercially minded and caring of the welfare of our customers, our team of employees and our environment. We foster a culture of mindfulness and respect and acknowledge excellence in the contributions from our team members.





PLTP acknowledges its responsibilities under the Work Health And Safety Act 2012 and aggressively strives to create and maintain a site that is incident free. These responsibilities extend to all employees, contractors, suppliers and their employees and all are expected to demonstrate a willingness and commitment to safe working practices. We understand that to be motivated and perform at their best, our employees need to be fit, healthy and happy and we support and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.