PLTP History


PLTP commenced business in 1973 to provide a facility for local fisherman to process, freeze, and export locally caught Bluefin Tuna. Some years later the company diversified into canning tuna in 425g cans, followed soon after by 185g cans, and some years later adding 100g, and 95g cans to their portfolio, with the development of value added tuna canning that became a huge success in the Australian and overseas markets.

In the early 2000s, PLTP decided to diversify their portfolio, and purchase equipment to fill solid pack tuna into pouches. Soon after, more equipment was purchased to enable the filling of pasta, and pasta sauces into tear top pouches.

Over the ensuing years, more and more machinery was added, and a second factory built, along with a waste water treatment plant. PLTP now has the capability to process numerous types of food, from the canning of salmon and tuna, to the pouching of gravies, sauces, purees, baby food, soups, and custards.

Historically, PLTP has had contracts with some of Australia's largest food companies.