PLTP provide various levels of assistance in the procurement and management of raw materials and packaging, taking into account each customer's unique requirements, minimum order quantities, lead-times and inventory buffers. We manufacture, pack and deliver in full on time (DIFOT). Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system ensures fail-safe management of our supply chain system, based on customers providing a regular forecast and firm purchase orders.



PLTP manufacture to customers' formulations and specifications. We have numerous processing lines that uniquely blend ingredients to create the perfect hot or cold fill product, and complete the process using various procedures such as retorting or pasteurising. All products manufactured have both forward and backward traceability from order right through to distribution.



PLTP have the capability of packaging the end product into a number of different formats, including cans, tear top pouches and spouted pouches, all in varying sizes. These finished products are then packed into outer cartons, either manually or using our state of the art automated packing systems, depending on the uniqueness of customer requirements.



PLTP have a very organised logistics department utilising our ERP system and we take pride in our DIFOT culture. A close and positive relationship has been carefully fostered with our local freight partners which gives us the ability to overcome any logistical problems that may arise.