PLTP are an extremely dynamic business that has the versatility to manufacture a diverse range of products that are filled into either hermetically sealed cans or flexible pouches (heat sealed tear-top / spouted with caps).

Products currently (and previously) manufactured by PLTP include products such as baby foods, soups, gravies, fruit and vegetable purees, custards and other milk-based foods and drinks (eg. milkshakes), ready to use condiments such as garlic, ginger and chilli pastes, marinades and stir-through sauces / pastes etc, as well as canned tuna and salmon.

PLTP have an extensive portfolio of experience in the food industry and are widely recognised for maintaining high standards of food safety and product quality.


Flexible Pouch, Spouted

  • Current product weight range: 50g to 350g
  • Cap options: mono-piece, standard
  • Pouch Material: foil, siox
  • Shipper: shelf ready

Flexible Pouch, Heat Sealed

  • Current product weight range: 100g to 450g
  • Pouch Material: foil, siox
  • Shipper: shelf ready


  • Current product weight range: 95g
  • Can end option: easy open (ring-pull)
  • Can options: 2-piece, 3-piece
  • Material: Steel food cans
  • Shipper: shelf ready